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SGNR NET is a registered and verified PDOA (Public Date Office Aggregator) under the Indian Government’s public WI-FI Network Scheme “PM WANI.” PM WANI is abbreviated as Prime Minister Wi-Fi Access Network Interface.
 Presently, India is in its computerized insurgency stage, and the Prime Minister of India has begun a free Wi-Fi upheaval in the country. In this super advanced world, the Internet has turned into each day’s need.
The Government of India intends to offer free Wi-Fi offices to all Indians, and for that, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has as of late presented the PM WANI conspire.
SGNR Net accepts web access with great speed is the fundamental right of each person, and we plan to work with as numerous as PDOs (Public Data Offices) as we can so every individual can get associated through PM WANI WI-FI.
With the guide of drives like PM WANI yojana, SGNR Net wishes to fuel WI-FI upheaval across each side of the country.

What is A Public Data Office Aggregator (PDOA)?

  • A Public Data Office Aggregator (PDOA) is an aggregator of Public Data Offices (PDOs) that sets up Wi-Fi Networks to provide public Wi-Fi service with the help of PDOs.
  • The PDOA performs all the vital actions, including accounting and authorization.
  • It makes associations with small and medium-sized businesses to install access points for the Wi-Fi and runs hotspots in various public spaces.

What is A Public Data Office (PDO)?

  • Public Data Office (PDO) is one of the key features of PM WANI YOJANA, other than PDOA.
  • The major role of a PDO is to establish, maintain, and activate Wi-Fi access points involving WANI compliant.
  • A PDO offers broadband services to its subscribers.
  • It offers connectivity using top-quality Wi-Fi routers that permit users to access the internet on their smartphones, mobile phones having internet facilities, or other devices.
  • The users can easily use the service within the router’s coverage area.
  • They need not be physically present at the Public Data Office.
  • The Wi-Fi users have to purchase “sachet-sized or small-sized” data plans from the wireless internet service provider franchise.

Step 1: Apply Online

In the first step for becoming a PDO, you have to apply online. Filling an online PDO application form on https://pmwani.cdot.in/. you will get a full list of verified Public Data Office Aggregators (PDOs) of PM-WANI.


Step 2: Get in Touch with Your PDOA

After filling your online form, contact that PDOA that you think can cater to your requirements and suits you the best.

The Process to Become a PDO

The process of becoming a PDO is very easy. You don’t need any license or registration, which means there is no registration fee for becoming a PDO.
If you want to set up your Public Data Office (PDO), follow 4 simple steps. These include:


Step 3: Set Up

Your PDOA will set up a PDO at your location.


Step 4: Start Selling Your Wi-Fi Service

After your PDOA sets up a PDO, you will become a PM-WANI PDO. You can start selling your internet broadband facility over reliable Wi-Fi.


Who Are the Eligible Candidates For PDO?

  • People living in residential areas can serve as a PDO and offer Wi-Fi services to masses in 200 meters.
  • Any VLE (Village Level Entrepreneur), tea stalls owners, restaurant owners, grocery shop owners, vegetable shops, kirana shops, and many more can become a Public Data Office and begin selling internet broadband services over Wi-Fi.

           What is A Public Data Office Aggregator (PDOA)?

                    Before operating as a PM-WANI PDO, you will have to fulfill a few PDO requirements, which include:

  • It is compulsory to fill an online form for setting up as a PDO.
  • Your PDOA should be verified and registered with https://pmwani.cdot.in/.
  • As a PDO, you will have to purchase bandwidth from telcos and internet service providers before providing Wi-Fi services to your customers.
  • You have to install a Wi-Fi access point in your building or premises.

Benefits of Becoming a PDO with SGNR NET

While being a contributor to the Wi-Fi revolution in India, you can enjoy a plethora of benefits as a PDO under SGNR Net. Some of them are:

  • An additional income from your internet facilities.
  • Excellent boost to your brand visibility and image in your area.
  • Escalated footfall leads to flourishing your current business.
  • Scheduled, automated, and targeted communication with your customers.
  • Tempt you customers with deals and offers with they will log in.
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