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SGNR NET  first Authorised PM-Wani Aggregator and App Provider in Rajasthan .

WANI represents Wi-Fi Access Network Interface. The Indian Central Government had supported this plan in December last year. There is no enrollment or permit charge, and the enlistment takes 7 work days to get endorsed.

At SGNR NET , we focus on giving rapid, better Wi-Fi offices and gadgets than PDOs. We target interfacing each person in India, adding to strong advanced change, and inspiring a large number of organizations and individuals through PM WANI yojana.

Our premium-grade access points are specifically designed to support a variety of Public WIFI evolution initiatives such as PM WANI WIFI that need affordable, secure, and state-of-the-art generation networking devices.


SGNR NET’s devices that act as WIFI routers support impressive user density and consistent connectivity in rough Indian conditions.


We strive hard to streamline connectivity for the common man of India and provide internet access to every corner of the country.


People can easily find a near WIFI connection through a reliable wireless internet service provider franchise at minimal charges.


a) Team of Highly Experienced Professionals

SGNR NET has a team of highly capable industry professionals who have worked in the internet and technology industry serving thousands of users. We constantly work on providing efficient solutions to our customers (PDOs) for the smooth running of their business.


b) Comprehensive Solutions

SGNR NET dedicates itself to providing first-class and comprehensive solutions to our customers. We offer unparalleled end-to-end solutions and our quality devices, along with solutions, include almost everything you require, prompting your business development.

Why Choose SGNR NET as Your PDOA (Public Data Office Aggregator)?

India has immense potential to offer value leading edge to developing markets and SAB KA WIFI intends to be at the spearhead of the PM WANI scheme. Our WIFI hotspot devices in India aid in bringing employment opportunities to people and economic growth in the country.


c) Excellent Support

We understand that a virtuous business relationship involves not only our services but also the support that we assure to provide throughout. SGNR NET has an extremely cordial support team that is available at your service all the time. We ensure to cater to your requirements efficiently and quickly.


d) Quality Devices with The Latest Technology

SGNR NET is excited to provide the utmost quality WIFI hotspot devices in India. The range of our devices comprises the latest generation that delivers extended range, higher-level performance, and quick throughput for current wireless networks.

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