SGNR NET is a trusted and enlisted Public Data Office Aggregator (PDOA) for PM WANI.

WANI represents Wi-Fi Access Network Interface. The Indian Central Government had supported this plan in December last year. There is no enrollment or permit charge, and the enlistment takes 7 work days to get endorsed.

At SGNR NET , we focus on giving rapid, better Wi-Fi offices and gadgets than PDOs. We target interfacing each person in India, adding to strong advanced change, and inspiring a large number of organizations and individuals through PM WANI yojana.

What is PM Wi-Fi Access Network Interface or PM WANI?

The public Wi-Fi network service is known as PM WANI or PM Wi-Fi Access Network Interface scheme. The Public Data Office Aggregators (PDOAs) would set up the system and offer Wi-Fi services to people through the PDOs (Public Data Offices). You will not have to pay any license or registration fee for providing individuals with broadband internet services. It would involve a comprehensive framework, including a plethora of elements:

  • Public Data Office Aggregator (PDOA)
  • Public Data Office (PDO)
  • App Providers, and
  • Central Registry

How Will Public Wi-Fi in India Work Under PM WANI Scheme?

  • A Public Data Office Aggregator (PDOA) purchases bulk bandwidth from certified telcos/ISPs and again sells it to many Public Data Offices (PDOs) to make sure that PDOs can provide Wi-Fi connectivity to its patrons.
  • The PDOA installs a small box at the premises of the PDO that servers as a Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  • A user who wants to surf the internet on his mobile phone through public Wi-Fi hotspot in India has to reach a PDO’s premises.
  • The users have to download a particular app from their mobile App store after entering the campus of the PDO.
  • App Provider offers this particular app that the customers will use to surf the internet.
  • He should also be capable of verifying the details of credit card of a customer if he does an electronic payment.
  • This App provider works meticulously with the PDOA.
  • PDOA and PDO have a revenue-sharing agreement.
  • PDO shares a part of the money it earns from providing public Wi-Fi services in India to customers.
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